Children and foreign language essay example

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan which is the mother tongue of 7. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages. And which type of schools are suitable for the language proficiency of a child. But in our environment and social circle we have many people speaks different languages.

Every child has a different IQ and different mental capabilities. So in this circumstance teaching, both English and Urdu will be better. Many educators claim that children will benefit if they start studying a second language earlier than high school. Is it better to teach English in the elementary grades.

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Pakistan is a multilingual country with six major and over fifty-nine small languages. According to Seefeldt a typical five-year-old child tends to find joy in talking and sharing their thoughts. This is just a sample from a fellow student. This time should rather be invested in other subjects like math and physics.

Knowing more languages is always beneficial. I have recorded the situations for 5 minutes, or until the conversations ended. For example, it takes longer time for an average adult to remember the same amount of new vocabulary than a child.

They kept talking about what their favourite games were. They asked the students to memorize the question rather than speaking English. More essays like this: Note that all band score estimates are approximate. In a nutshell, learning a language can be significantly time consuming which can be easier for children to study.

When we asked about that what is the most optimum time at which the schools should start teaching English to the students, principal of CSS Grammar School said that ; But the principal of Adamjee Government Science College Dr.

We also asked from the parents of the students that which type of school they prefer. It has also resulted in English become a symbol of the upper class, sophistication, and power.

Sometimes several kids take time to develop the language. Situation 5 Mueez went to his room choose a book and then he sat down near his mother and opened the book and started telling him what the characters and different picture.

For young students, utilizing the primary language in early instruction prompts a superior comprehension of the content of the educational module and to a more inspirational state of mind towards school.

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Why Should Children Learn a Foreign Language?

Hence, children should be encouraged to learn foreign languages. Just to remind, you can benefit from IELTS online course and develop all the four skills there, including writing. In addition, if children stat to learn foreign language in kindergarten, they will have a plenty of time to practice and become more fluency.

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Band 7 essay sample | Learning a foreign language at primary school is beneficial

The second negative impact is that the child develops a foreign accent which causes him or her to lose some of their national identity. Students replied that they are so-called English medium school where the teacher even do not know English and English teachers method of teaching language is not up to the mark.

Situation 3 In third situation Mueez is observed during a visit of visitors at home. Enhancing the Language Development of Young Children.

When you go to the primary school, you begin to learn the knowledge from your teachers. Topic: “Should children start learning a foreign language early?” In a constantly changing world, parents are always question about the suitable time for their children to learn a foreign language.

This band 7 IELTS essay sample was submitted by one of our readers. Note that all band score estimates are approximate. Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school.

Language Development In Children Essay Sample. 1. Reflection Observing children language can be very interesting, as what could be more exciting than hearing a child imitating and behaving very similar to the people around him.

Now let us discuss some negative aspects. The first one is language interference or mixing languages. After learning a foreign language, the child might start mixing all the languages he or she knows and might use the words of one language while speaking another language. In line with the globalization, foreign language is very crucial in term of the trade field, exchanging cultures among countries,etc especially English as international language.

Generally, learning foreign language is considered as a way of building bridges to nation's success in today's integrated and interdependent world economy. Hence, many children are asked to learn a foreign language at their early age by their parents.

This essay will give you different reasons as to why this approach should be encouraged. Firstly, learning a foreign language is always a prolonged process.

Children and foreign language essay example
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